Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

New course of women literacy

Dones Amics del Nepal

The Women Literacy Program has been not only beneficial to the beneficiaries of the courses, but also has given the opportunity to employ some women (coordinators, teachers, etc.). This program has helped to raise the standard of women within their community.

This kind of program is specially important in rural areas of Nepal, like Mahendranagar.

On March 16th, 2018, the youth of the Youth Project of Amics del Nepal and representatives of the program in Kathmandu visited the new centers where the new literacy courses are carried out in Mahendranagar.

The two centers are very far from the center of the city in a rural area. Around 47 women were present at the presentation of the courses. The women at one of the centers in Katan belong to the Tharu community. Tharu members often have to start working very young, usually becoming 24h servants in the houses of wealthier. The students of the other grup is more diverse because the community is composed by different casts.

Books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, grinders and others were distributed and the teachers organized the locations and timetables for the classes so that all of them would feel comfortable and could attend the classes.

The new students showed huge enthusiasm for the literacy classes and have the opportunity to learn reading and writing.

In the team of WLP in Mahendranagar we have two teachers and a coordinator. But they also have the support of the staff of the WLP of Amics del Nepal in Kathmandu.

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