AWASUKA: the houses in Suping

In mid-March, three members of the Fons Català de Cooperació visited the three prototypes of Bhimphedi and the houses in Supin under construction. They also had the opportunity to visit Bhimphedi and the Children’s Home of Amics del Nepal, as well as taste the local “delicatessen” of the town: Fulauras, Samosas, Dalbhat and the famous “dud ko Chiya” (milk tea with Masala spices).

The houses of Supin are growing, but all at different rates. Depending on the “mistris” (builders) that are available in each case, the construction is more or less advanced. In Supin there is a constructive frenzy as it has never been seen before. People want to finish their homes before the monsoons arrive (in about two months), and this term coincides with the last date when the houses must be finished, if they wish to get the last payment of the after-earthquacke aid of the government. All this makes the local builders go bustling trying to serve all the houses that are being built, including ours. That’s why we have to be patient and wait for the our turn.

We want to start reinforcing some existing houses, but the beginning is being delayed due to the water shortages suffered in Matilo and Stem Supin communities during the dry season. Fortunately, the government has made a plan to supply water to these communities. It seems that these works are already almost finished and that there will be water for everyone soon. So, we hope to start reinforcing these five more houses soon.

In the last month of January, Awasuka obtained the approval of the government of Nepal of the Awasuka prototypes of houses of 2 and 4 rooms. This fact makes it easy for our design to be available throughout the country. Our prototypes will appear on the government website and in the next edition of the catalog of anti-seismic solutions. In this sense, Awasuka is also spreading its construction system (simple, fast and cheap) to local engineers, so that they can be disseminated to other communities where Awasuka can not reach.

The Awasuka team in Nepal wants to express their support for the people of Catalonia who have been imprisoned, detained or exiled in an unfair manner, as well as their relatives and friends.