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Continuing with the workshops on waste

Joves Amics del Nepal

These last days the Youth Team of Amics del Nepal has done some more plays, this time at the Kotshwore Saraswati Madyamik Vidyalaye school in collaboration with Clean Up Nepal and as part of the Zero Wastage program. The result was great, since, despite being primarily focused on students of classes 6 and 7, other students and staff members of the school ended up joining.

Before starting the program, as planned, the boys took part in school cleaning. The organization was really good and the program fulfilled the objective of working as a tool to promote the concept of segregation of waste to students. The guys had a great time while learning. In addition, the concepts that are acquired with these programs are very useful, as they not only awaken their sense of responsibility to themselves, but also favor the development of the country and help control the pollution that has increased dramatically in Nepal.

The final result was magnificent, as students had the opportunity, not only to practice and learn about waste management, but also to segregate them and take them to the waste centers themselves.

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