Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

Women’s literacy in Mahendranagar

Dones Amics del Nepal

On December 9, our Kathmandu office team traveled to Mahendranagar to finish the preparations for the new course of the Women’s Literacy Program.

Under the coordination of Ms. Sunita Negi, this year the courses are given in two new locations: Majhgaun and Gazar.

In the village of Majhgaun, a talk with all the women who participate was held by the teacher Ms. Aarati Bhatta and books and photocopies were given to the women who attended the course.
In the village of Gazar, under the supervision of the teacher Ms. Damaru Paneru, the course materials were also distributed among the participants.

After a month and a half of continuous classes, the assistance to the Mahjgaun group stays regular and they already understand the classes as part of their daily routine. Furthermore, the classes are paying off and all the women are very happy to learn.

In the classes various activities are held so women could involucrate their children. By doing tasks with their kids help, not only the women learn new things, but also their children.

In the Gazar’s group they also spend a good time learning. They invest their efforts with such enthusiasm that sometimes they hardly even have time to eat breakfast. They do not want to miss classes in any way. After the basic theory in Nepalese grammar, they start with the numbers. Normally when somebody asked them about their telephone number, they ask another person to answer, but now they want to do it by themselves.

It’s wonderful to see the evolution of these women and how their effort is rewarded!

  • Dones Amics del Nepal