Amor CH FIBS Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Workshops at Mahendranagar

Joves Amics del Nepal

The aim of the visit of some of the members of the Youth Program of d’Amics del Nepal to Mahendranagar, is not only to get to know all the projects that the organization conduct at this region of the country, but also to learn to become aware of the importance of the correct waste management and to learn to recycle the waste depending on different products and to be able to do it at Florida School and Amor Children Home.

For that reason, we organized various activities in both centres, which allowed us to practice what we had learned.

At Florida, for instance, we performed a theatre play and workshop and at ACH we offer a science workshop.

We decided to organise a science workshop at Amor Children Home because those kinds of activities are so interesting for the students; not only help them to raise their creativity and to implement their own way of work, but also it allows them to be more conscious of the world and it inspires them to do and to learn new skills.

We ran the workshop the last December the 12th at night time. Before we begun to use the scientific materials, Sonik and Dil gave all the information related to the materials, what is the process about and how we can manipulate them. They explain them different things about the electric resistances, transistors, LEDs, table of tests, wiring and also an engine. After the first workshop, they showed them some samples of a light sensor, a small plane, a water engine and a car.

After the explanation, it arrived the practicum moment and children started working. Some of them tried to create something from the previous idea that how it can works and others from the samples that they had seen. All the students were fascinated with the workshop and with their work, to the extent that some of them demonstrated familiarization with science. The workshop was a really useful activity and they could learn a lot. Finally, of course, we had to celebrate it, and we took some photos to commemorate the moment.

Considering the positive experience, we will try to do this workshop annually to continuing helping to increment the development, the creativity and the students’ cooperation.


  • Joves Amics del Nepal