Amor CH FIBS Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Theater in Mahendranagar

Joves Amics del Nepal

On December 9th a team of young people from the Amics del Nepal Youth Project went to Mahendranagar with the goal of performing a theatre play and workshops about waste management at the Florida School and at the Amor Children’s Children’s Home. Apart from that, they also wanted to start the WLP course in Mahendra.

December 12th was the date chosen to perform the play. The students were our main spectators, allthough all the teachers, high school students and townspeople also joined the event. In the end, we had 500 people enjoying the play!

After the play, workshops were made with the students of classes 6, 7 and 8. First, we played some games and then we started with workshops about the human body, science materials, a game to learn about waste management, upcycling…

Upcycling is of enormous interest to students, since it’s basically about how to transform an object considered junk into a new product of equal or greater utility and value. We show then several products like this, such as a pencilcase, a plastic rose, a paper flower or a basket.

Even the teachers were so interested in teaching their students about upcycling that they asked us to do two sessions, so we did a two-day workshops for them.

  • Joves Amics del Nepal