Health Volunteering Youth Program

HIV Informative workshop

Joves Salut Amics del Nepal

On January 17, 2018, the youth of Amics del Nepal received a workshop on HIV / AIDS.

Based on the basis “Being infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) does not mean that you are sick or have a disease (AIDS),” young people learned that they could be infected and be perfectly healthy (doing the pertinent medicals checks).

Bobby Singh Thakuri, from the AIDS FOUNDATION HEALTHCARE, held a workshop with young people from the Young People’s Project in Nepal to tell us about what HIV is and what are the problems that people infected with HIV suffer in our society. We all need to know more about these issues in order not to discriminate but to support people suffering from HIV. We will get more workshops and talks to get to know better HIV and AIDS.

In a society such as Nepalese, often closed in issues such as AIDS, it is important for young people to internalize the idea of non-discrimination of any kind: either because of race, gender, illness or sexual orientation.

That is why these types of workshops will continue to be done regularly in the Amics del Nepal Activities Center in Kathmandu.

We especially want to thank Paula Minguell, a doctor and former member of the Board of Amics del Nepal, to support us and show us the right path.