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Mo:mo: Fest in Siphal

Joves Amics del Nepal

The mo:mo, delicious Nepali dumplings, were the main attraction last January 20th, when our young people presented the mo:mo Fest at Siphal Children’s Home. This is a foster home property of the Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO) that hosts children and teenagers whose parents are in jail. The participants of the Amics del Nepal Youth Project usually work here holding tuition classes for the children that live in the center.

During the festival, they cooked mo:mo and rice pudding and the vegetarian (Kheer) for nearly 90 kids (including 15 kids with different disabilities).

With the special dedication of our young people and the Siphal children, we were able to successfully complete the festival in 3 or 4 hours. The Siphal children were very active and dedicated during the day helping to prepare mo:mo and to cook the Kheer.

Food festivala are a very useful events for the children, because they enjoy a lot cooking and they learn to do things together, working as a team with a common goal, and the best part is eating that delicious food prepared by themselves.

  • Joves Amics del Nepal