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Joves Amics del Nepal

One more year, and for the third consecutive, the youth have organized the AMICS DANCE COMPETITION in the community of Maijubahal at Kathmandu and once again, it has been a resounding success. Probably, this year has been the most intense of all… More than 40 participants, 5 consecutive hours non-stop and a great dedicated audience.

This event aims not only boost the arts as a communication method, but also to enhance the life in the community and to create a common space where, throughout leisure and entertainment, people can relate, talk and share experience with each other.

The Dance in Nepal is present in every aspect of their daily life and this space, created by the youth from Amics, gives new opportunities to children to share their culture, their traditions and, at the same time, new dancing techniques.

It was a unique and unforgettable experience for the participants as well as for the audience and the jury, who had to made a difficult decision choosing the prize-winners.

This year, for the first time, we had the presence of a participant with functional diversity, who left impressed the audience and the jury. The attitude is everything and the dance will never stop boosting and enhancing human’ soul.


  • Joves Amics del Nepal