Bhimphedi CH

The kids from Bhimphedi Balmandir go to visit

Casa d'acollida Amics del Nepal

The last December the children from Balmandir-Bhimphedi went to Nawalparasi to visit the temple of CG Shashwat Dham.

This kind of activity is always a great experience for all of them because it is unlike common in their daily routine.

Shashwat Dham is a new temple which aims to be a destination to find spiritual strength, to be exposed to the knowledge transmitted throughout past generations and to experience the nature of our inner self-such as love and happiness.

The children prepared a picknick themselves so, in addition to the trip and the temple, the kids also organized a clean-up campaign in front of the picknick area. They collected and picked up plastics and food scraps which were around. They put everything in the rubbish bin and also they practised the consciousness going to the small and local shops nearby to ask them to talk to their costumes and explain to them that the trash goes in the bins, not on the streets.

After the activity, we went back to Bhimphed at around 6 pm. Actually, it was a great day in which not only they realised an interesting tour but also the children did a social service for the community.

  • Casa d'acollida Amics del Nepal