Experiential Learning (EL)

EL Field Visit to WFN

The Experiential Learning students went on a field visit to the Women’s Foundation of Nepal (WFN) on February 16, 2024. The purpose of this visit was to provide students with hands-on knowledge and insight into the various challenges faced by women in accessing their rights. This field visit proved to be both educational and empowering for the students, fostering empathy and critical thinking as they learned about the organization’s initiatives in supporting and promoting women’s rights. 

A total of 13 Experiential Learning students from grades eight and nine participated in the field visit accompanied by Amics staff and interns. Unfortunately, students from grade ten were unable to join due to their exam schedules. Nevertheless, the participating students exhibited curiosity, eager to learn and observe the WFN’s impactful role in empowering women through diverse training programs. They were particularly fascinated by witnessing the process of making beautiful scarves by the trained women supported by the organization. Following the visit, the WFN team delivered an insightful presentation enhancing the students’ understanding of gender-based issues and their societal impacts on women. Additionally, the students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role played by the organizations in protecting women’s rights, whether through legal assistance or skills training. 

In Conclusion, this field visit served as a catalyst for the students to gain more exposure to their fourth-quarter theme of women’s rights. It also prompted them to reflect critically on the obstacles faced by women in society and potential solutions to overcome these issues. As the students prepare for upcoming EL sessions, they will focus on their final event centred around the fourth quarter theme of women’s rights.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: