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Doc-Fest, Virtual Journeys to Nepal 2023

Nepal School Doc-Fest is an initiative that we have created and designed at Amics del Nepal to achieve two objectives of the NGO:

  1. Carry out cooperation projects with groups of children in the field of education in Nepal. 
  2. Disseminate Nepalese cultural and social reality in our society through awareness and exchange activities.

Doc-Fest allows schools in Catalonia to use educational materials created as part of the English subject project for sixth grade, to discover the small country at the foot of the Himalayas. Schools will be able to interact with beneficiaries of Amics del Nepal and create a short documentary to participate in the association’s upcoming documentary festival.

In this link you can find the virtual map with the videos and activities of the project:

During the 2022/23 school year, sixth-grade students at Lanaspa-Giralt School in Terrassa participated in the pilot course of Doc-Fest. The project concluded with the creation of a documentary, which you can watch here:

On April 12, 2023, the documentary premiered with the students, their families, and very special guests: Kavita (director of programs at Amics del Nepal and expert in gastronomy for Doc-Fest) and Rohit (coordinator of the youth program and expert in Doc-Fest festivals).

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: