Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Social Week Second Quarter Final Event

The Youth Program at Amics del Nepal concluded its enriching ten-week session on October 13th, an engaging quarter focused on civic rights and youth awareness.Throughout the program, the participants actively participated in a wide array of lively activities, including research, engaging film screenings, information on the UN and UDHR, interactive sessions mapping out human rights issues, and insightful explorations of historical narratives and SDGs.The concluding event was a testament to their comprehensive learning, featuring deep performances, and impactful discussions highlighting the importance of advocating for youth voices.  In addition, the youths made a significant contribution to the program’s online presence by improving the content of their youth magazine and upgrading their website, demonstrating their commitment to building an educated and empowered youth community. The theme contributed with the ultimate intention of encouraging critical thinking and emphasising the fundamental rights to which each and every individual is entitled.

Staff, interns, and senior members’ active participation created a collaborative and supportive environment that allowed all nine participants to express themselves in a comfortable manner.Youths willingness to share personal experiences and express thanks to Amics del Nepal showed that the program had created a cohort of knowledgeable and empowered individuals who could advocate for their rights and contribute to their communities.The event further emphasised the organisation’s commitment to imparting knowledge and encouraging youths to contribute to better society.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: