Children Program Family Support Project Based Learning (PBL)

C1 & C2 Family Meeting

Amics del Nepal convened a family meeting on September 9th with the parents of Family Support and Project Based Learning (PBL) beneficiaries. There were a total of 17 attendees. The primary purpose of this meeting was to address children’s involvement in the classroom and to offer updates on the status of family support beneficiaries.

The meeting began with a brief ice-breaker activity designed to create a comfortable atmosphere and help attendees get to know each other better. A structured communication activity was conducted to introduce positive parenting skills. This workshop aimed to empower parents with effective communication techniques to improve the family dynamics. A focus group discussion was enabled to provide a platform for some parents to share their stories related to positive parenting. These anecdotes served as a valuable insight and inspiration for others. Practical tips for improving communication and family bonds were shared during the meeting. These recommendations were based on research and aimed at enhancing overall family well-being. Several parents offered feedback on their children’s growth and shared how the children’s daily routines had evolved positively after joining Amics del Nepal’s programs. This feedback highlighted the organisation’s impact on the lives of beneficiaries.

The meeting concluded with an art activity where attendees were invited to create visual representations of their most memorable moments with their children, or siblings.. This artistic exercise encouraged self-expression and creativity among participants.
The family meeting served as a constructive platform for parents and guardians to exchange ideas, gain valuable parenting insights, and strengthen their bonds with their children. It reaffirmed Amics del Nepal’s commitment to supporting families and promoting positive development within the community.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: