Children Program Family Support

PBL Children Program Family Support Meeting 2021/22

On November 26, Amics del Nepal conducted a family meeting with the parents of the children program beneficiaries.The main objectives of this event were to discuss the children’s attendance and their participation in Project Based Learning. A health workshop was also conducted to help participants understand the physical and emotional changes during puberty, and to recommend that they provide more empathy towards their children.

15 parents and guardians attended the meeting. They were welcomed with a small introductory warm up activity, a fun way to remember each other’s name to make them know each other and be comfortable. Attendees were then reoriented about the schedules and activities at the Activity Centre and why their participation and feedback mattered. Parents also gave feedback about their children’s growth and how their daily routine changed after joining Amics del Nepal. After the discussion, a health workshop on puberty was conducted in which the main topics were emotional changes and the role of parents during puberty. All the parents had some ideas about the physical changes during puberty, but very few knew about the emotional changes. Attendees were introduced to emotional changes through group discussion and were provided with some tips and ideas to use while dealing with their children.
All the parents were actively participative in the group discussion and were curious to know more about the emotional changes during puberty. They also requested that the Amics team conduct such workshops more often.This topic will be rediscussed during the next meeting along with some other important ones.
One of the main goals of Amics has been to provide parents with information and awareness about important issues through these meetings. We believe it is very important for parents to have knowledge and skills for the better upbringing of their children.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: