Biratnagar CH Children's Home

Biratnagar Sports Event 2022

Amics del Nepal Kathmandu team performed a sports event and a health activity at Purwanchal Bal Sewa Ashram in Biratnagar on 21st January, 2022. The event was organized after almost a year gap due to the Covid pandemic. 

The event was organized among 35 children of junior and senior groups. The objectives of the event  was to encourage good health and hygiene practices, and to provide recreation activities along with physical and emotional development. Senior youth of the Ashram who were once part of After SEE Course in the Activity Centre Kathmandu assisted the Amics team in coordinating the activities.  The team also provided sports materials to the Ashram along with some sanitary products like toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizers, harpic, and sanitizer.  

The games and activities were divided into two categories; Junior and Senior. Junior group participated in games such as spoon and marble race, hot-potato, three-legged race, chocolate race, and bursting the balloon whereas the senior group participated in games like football, volleyball, badminton, and shot-put.