Children Program Experiential Learning (EL)

Experiential Sessions EDP Phase 2 Closing

Due to not being able to conduct classes for children and youth at the activity center because of the pandemic, online EDP (English Development Program) sessions have been carried out since September 2020.  The EDP sessions aim to develop and improve Amics del Nepal beneficiaries’ English language skills along with modern life skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, caring) using Amics’ approach of student-oriented experiential learning methods. The first EDP phase of 10 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each based on the theme “Kindness & Caring”  for the children group (Experiential Sessions) was completed in October.

Considering the importance of developing English language and life skills as well as analysing the positive impact of the first phase of EDP in the children’s overall growth and exposure, the EDP sessions were continued further. The second phase of the EDP for the Experiential Sessions group was  started on the 23rd November with the theme “Self-Expression”. In this phase, besides improving their English language, students were able to develop an understanding of what self-expression is, its importance and different mediums & ways to express oneself. This 10-sessions phase was created and implemented dynamically including arts, videos and different ESL games making each session interesting for the students. 

The finale of the second EDP was made on January 9 with final presentations from students. The students had been preparing their final work throughout the sessions to express themselves using the components from the classes. It was interesting to see the different mediums of self expression they chose for their final work. Students presented their own poems & stories, speeches, arts & drawings, and stand up comedy in the closing.

We are pleased to witness the students’ progress and their work through these sessions. Since the situation is getting normal we are planning to start the new experiential sessions soon in the Amics Activity Center, following all the safety precautions.