Children's Home Patan CH

Health Workshop on Menstrual Hygiene and Hand Wash

Amics del Nepal has been organising educational workshops and events in its four partner children homes of Nepal as a way to promote the development of key life skills among children through experiential learning and art education. These events are also a way to foster and maintain strong relationships between Amics del Nepal and its partner organisations. The staff and interns from Kathmandu Activity Center have been leading and conducting these events so far.

Patan Children Home is one of the places where the children home events are being conducted. After almost 10 months of lockdown, Patan event was conducted on 19th December. The workshop was on Menstrual Hygiene and Basic Hand Washing. The main objectives of conducting this workshop was to teach the hand washing steps in a more fun learning way and to allow the basic understanding about menstruation and menstrual hygiene to be taken in a dignified way. The Menstrual Hygiene was conducted among 15 girls from grade four to Bachelor level while the hand washing activity was done among 20 primary level children. Altogether there were 35 participants who took part in the workshop. The distribution of health packages were also done during the event. The health package included sanitizer, hand wash, moisturizer, sanitary pads, brushes and handkerchief considering the pandemic and winter season.

There were some challenges that were faced by the facilitators during the workshop. One of the challenges was that managing and conducting activities with the children was quite tough as the children were too young. Besides this, some of the senior girls were out of Children Home for outing . However, conducting these kinds of educational workshops has always been fruitful and beneficial for the participants as well as created better opportunities for interaction between Amics del Nepal and the children homes.