Family Support Project Based Learning (PBL)

Device and Data Plan distribution to Amics del Nepal beneficiaries

Though the schools and universities are not in operation fully, they have been running online education for their students since the 4 months-long lockdown got lifted in Nepal in July 2020.

With no clear sign of schools reopening soon, internet access and devices have become a must for children to follow their online classes. Most of our children beneficiaries have been regularly attending the sessions. However, there are few families who have been facing the difficulties in arranging devices for their children. Besides devices, internet issues have also risen up as the data plans are expensive in Nepal and the families do not have wifi at their home.

Thus, analyzing the present context and the need for remote learning, this November Amics distributed the mobile devices/tablets to 7 children studying below grade X along with the monthly data plans to all the beneficiaries attending online classes.

With the support of the cityhall of Castellar del Vallès, the cityhall of Sant Quize del Vallès and Ateneu del Món: