Bhimphedi CH Children's Home

Balman Market (2077 Dashain Edition)

The concept of Balman Market was started about two years ago with the motive to provide the essential materials needed to the children in Bhimphedi Balmandir. In the market, we provide them with seasonal clothes, shoes, gadgets, and other articles of personal interest. Besides the initial aim to fulfill the basic material needs of the children in Balmandir, the market also aims to develop ownership of the materials they possess. We have realized that doing such events helps children to not feel entitled and work towards earning what they want.

As per most game rules, here too children need to collect certain points to be able to buy the product and they need to work to earn these points. Children do the basic work in Balmandir such as cleaning, working in the gardens, and helping the younger ones in studies. Here in the Kathmandu Activity Centre, we collect the clothes and other materials through donations as well as purchase remaining products as required to set up the market. 

The most recent market was the 7th edition organized on 17th October on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami. The activity was carried out by the Kathmandu team with the support of Bhimphedi Balmandir staff.  37 children in Bhimphedi Balmandir benefited from the event. 

It was a good experience for our children to be able to buy the products that they wanted and especially to receive new clothes amidst the Dashain festivity. This particular Balman market was quite challenging in comparison to the last Balman Market as we had to collect the clothes locally especially during this time of the pandemic. However, we were able to organize the market successfully and we would like to give special thanks to those who helped us locally and through donations to make this event successful.