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3rd Relief Materials Support Distribution

Everyone has adapted to the new normal after the pandemic has affected the entire world. Corona cases in Nepal are still rising even after almost 5 months of confinement. As the government has lifted the lockdown, people are slowly getting back to normal life however it won’t be possible to do it overnight as lots of people were and are still jobless. Although the lockdown has lifted not all sectors have resumed working. There are still some sectors that aren’t allowed to operate yet.

Keeping this hard situation in mind, Amics del Nepal once again reached out to the parents of our beneficiaries and distributed some relief packages after analyzing their current situation. The relief materials consisted of rice, lentils, beaten rice, flour, oil, salt and soap. Along with this, families were also provided with direct cash to support expenses for cooking fuel. The relief materials were provided to 25 families of Amics’ beneficiaries in Amics Kathmandu Activity Centre in Chabahil on 26th July 2020.

Amics Kathmandu once again would like to thank you all for your generous work of providing support even in this most crucial moment:

With the support of the cityhall of Castellar del Vallès, the cityhall of Sant Quize del Vallès and Ateneu del Món: