Biratnagar CH Children's Home

New Normal in Purwanchal BalSewa Ashram de Biratnagar

As the global pandemic has affected most parts of the entire world, so it has in Biratnagar. Biratnagar has recently lifted its lockdown after almost two months of complete confinement. Even during this crucial moment, the Ashram has been able to operate their regular work inside. It has been providing all the basic needs and care to keep the children active and motivated. 

Apart from this, the Ashram has started doing home-schooling with their younger children since the whole education sector has been completely closed. The senior children conduct home-schooling to their younger ones according to their class and themselves engage in self-reading. 

Besides this, all the children are engaged in some kind of work inside the Ashram. Some children are engaged in the kitchen garden, some in animal rearing while some are engaged in learning new skills such as tailoring, music, and dance.. So the confinement is being very productive to all the children in some sense. 

Recently, on the occasion of Children’s Day, a small music and dance event was held inside the Ashram. It was organized by senior children for their younger brothers and sisters.  

Lastly, even though the cases of CoronaVirus are rising, it hasn’t affected the strong determination of the Ashram.. Instead, they feel it has brought them closer and reminded them of the importance of being together for one another.