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A school year without the external examinations SEE

Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is also considered to be “the iron gate” to higher education in Nepal. This year, the SEE was postponed right before the day of the examination as it was very unsafe to conduct it due to the global pandemic, COVID-19. With the increase in COVID-19 cases all over Nepal and the world, the National Examination Board (NEB) decided not to conduct the examination after postponing it several times to prevent risk from the pandemic. The schools were asked to examine their students based on their internal exams and submit the results to the board to prepare final evaluations.

After almost four months of deliberation, the NEB published the SEE results on 18th August. There were lots of criticisms about the results in the social media platform. However, the timing wasn’t suitable to retake the examination for better evaluation.

Amics del Nepal also had some beneficiaries who appeared in the SEE belonging to different Children’s Homes and the AN Children Program. From Amor Children’s Home, we had two students Dipendra Dhami and Rajesh Khatri who scored 4.0 GPA (A+) and 3.75 GPA (A+) respectively. From Bhimphedi Balmandir, we had three students appearing in SEE, Kamal Dhami, Ramraj Shahi and Saran Praja scoring 2.35 GPA (C+), 2.10 GPA (C+) and 1.95 GPA (C) respectively. From Biratnagar Balashram, Asmita Thapa got 4 GPA (A+) and from Patan Children’s Home, Dipti Lamichhane got 3.75 GPA (A+). From AN Children Program (Kathmandu), we had 4 students with the following results; Alka Rai (A), Dawa Tamang (A+), Safira Khadka (A) and Sitasma Limbu (A+).

We would like to congratulate all our students for completing their secondary education and wish them the best future ahead. Surely, all of them will continue with high school or technical studies as soon as colleges are allowed to open, safely from Covid-19.