Women Literacy (WLP)

Women Literacy Classes in Bhimphedi Balmandir

The Women Literacy Project (WLP) has been ongoing for many years now at the Kathmandu Activity Centre. The project envisions dignified and well-informed lives for women leading to their well-being. The project further enables women to be proactive and has plans to promote self-sustainability empowering them to contribute better to their families and communities.

Meanwhile, the country has been in a standstill due to the lockdown being imposed because of the Coronavirus for the past three months. All of our staff at Bhimphedi Balmandir have been residing on site to limit their movements and contain the spread. Hence, in order to make their stay more productive, our first WLP class was initiated on 20th May in Bhimphedi, Balmandir among the three senior women staff. These staff have played mothers’ roles and taken care of the primary level children in the Balmandir for many years now besides undertaking other responsibilities.

At the beginning of the classes, the women had minimal literacy skills and were only able to pronounce the Nepali alphabets. It was however difficult for them to recognise or write these alphabets. Enabling them to fill these gaps was deemed necessary to give them more confidence in carrying out their responsibilities. The classes are now being conducted five times a week with a focus on developing basic literacy and numeracy skills. The women are happy with the classes and consider it an opportunity during these critical times.

The Women Literacy Program is possible in Bhimphedi thanks to the support of the city hall of Ayúntamiento de Montornés del Vallès the the project Namuna Bari and in Kathmandu thanks to Lactotècnia.

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