Renewal of the Board and Executive Team

Every two years, at the Amics del Nepal assembly it is time to renew the Association’s Board of Directors. This year there have been no changes in the members, meaning, there have been no entries or exits, but as we have been doing for the last 6 years, this time we are also rotating positions on the Board of Directors. For the next two years, Mireia will be the president and Jordi will be the vice-president, as well as Judith will assume the Treasury of the Association.

On the other hand, new members have joined the executive team: Alba, Isabel, Ana, Liliana and Lluís. All of them bring fresh air and new ideas to the Association. Alba, Isabel and Anna have been long-term volunteers on the ground, Liliana has extensive experience in cooperation and management of international projects and Lluís is a professor who will contribute new executive ideas. Welcome to the team and good work!

At the assembly, in addition to the changes in the Board and executive team, the activities carried out in both Barcelona and Nepal throughout the year, and the accounts for 2019 were presented. This year’s budget and the strategic objectives for the period 2020-2022 were also presented.

This year we must face an extraordinary and very complicated situation due to the global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID-19 has caused a worldwide emergency where in Nepal, as in the rest of the countries, they are also suffering it severely. There are currently almost 18,000 confirmed cases, of which 40 people have died. Due to the confinement decreed by the Government and the closure of borders and the absence of tourism, the population is experiencing an emergency, where from Amics del Nepal we are doing various actions.

On the other hand, we also must face a new and very complicated economic situation caused by COVID-19. In recent years, we have already noticed a change in the collaborations we received, which has been greatly accentuated in the last months of the pandemic. For this reason, and to fulfill our main objective of maintaining the same level of collaboration and activities in Nepal, we believe it convenient to seek new forms of financing, in addition to the current ones.

This last weekend, like other years, we met again the entire work team in a privileged environment. We were able to start working on the new strategic objectives and hold a Workshop to agree on the new sources of financing we will be working on.

The new Board appreciates the trust of all Amics and is committed to working honestly and persistently with the main objective of supporting and helping the most disadvantaged groups in Nepal. We encourage all those Amics who want to participate in the management of the NGO to contact us.

After 25 years, we still continue!