Lockdown eased

Though the COVID_19 cases in Nepal are still increasing, specially in Kathmandu, the lockdown has been eased again from 21st July:

– From 21st July, all the private vehicles are allowed and the government offices will operate normally

– From 30th July, Restaurants for packing and take away only and trekking/tourism industry will run..

– from 17th August, School admissions/exams, public transportation throughout the country, and national/international air services to start operating.

Beside the ease of lockdown and reopening of these facilities, many other services and businesses like educational institutes, cinemas, party palaces and entertaining centers, all kinds of trainings and seminars, group sports, fares/exhibitions, and so on have not been allowed to open yet.

COVID-19 Updates

Confirmed cases: 17,994

Active cases: 5,477

Deaths: 40

Recovered: 12,477

Other Stories

Road and bridge constructions as well are being carried out since the lockdown.

Nepal has reported nearly 120+ deaths since June from landslides and floods. 26 of the country’s 77 districts are being affected heavily. The death toll is expected to rise as many people are missing. Many injured, several houses damaged, and communities isolated as the relief operations have been affected by the weather. 

Kathmandu is not affected by the floods or landslides like other districts in Nepal. However, Bhaktapur is being affected at some level. Road and sub-way bridge constructions are being carried out. However, the high traffic roads like Chabahil area and other are to be reconstructed. 

With the ease of the lockdown the hiking activities inside the valley among friends and families are being popular.