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Women International Day 2020

This week, in Amics del Nepal, we have partaken in several events, both in Catalonia and in Nepal, to celebrate the International Women’s Day and to claim women’s rights.

Music by Scandinavian composers at the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory of Music.

Within the program of the women international day 2020 in Montornès to the Vallès: “Poetry, gastronomy and women’s rights”, collaborating with the NGO be artsy and the invited poets Isa Calsina and Ana Aupi. This event was possible by the support of the town council of Montornès del Vallès.

Poetry workshops at Amics del Nepal activity center in Kathmandu.

Some poems from the poetry workshop for children in the PBL classes.
One of the poems the children have heard for inspiration in the workshop

And today, March 8, at Amics del Nepal Activities Center in Kathmandu, an event with poetry, theater and dance is being organized.