Amor CH

Health Workshop and Sports Event

A health Workshop and 4 days- Sports event was conducted in Amor Children’s Home, Mahendranagar in January (16th-20th Jan) this year. There were 34 children participating in the event which was facilitated by the staff of Amics del Nepal.

The 1 hour-health workshop on basic care and first aid was conducted along with the basic medicines demonstrations on the first day. While for the sports, the teams and games according to the capacity were distributed fairly and were conducted in the later days. The sports consisted of several kinds of games both physical and mental such as mathematics race, football, Treasure hunts, badminton and so on. The children participated enthusiastically in the event and enjoyed it.

The main objective of this event was to make the children aware of the basic health care and medications as well as to develop the habit of sportsmanship and to encourage their sports talents. Besides this, these kinds of events have always helped the children to develop their creativity and team building skills. Amics del Nepal has been conducting these kinds of events in the children’s homes every year to enable the children to have access to qualitative and well informed life.