Bhimphedi CH Children's Home News

Balmandir children against covid19

In Nepal, so far, they have managed to prevent the spread of covid19, but have taken strong measures to keep it that way. As of March 10th, they began to put strong restrictions on obtaining visas, starting with the most affected countries, and later, for all entries into the country. And limiting them to Nepalese who want to return to the country, but with the obligation to remain at home in quarantine.

After detecting a case of a young Nepalese, who had come from France, the government of Nepal declared that the confinement of the entire population began on March 22 (all closed, and with the police on the street allowing only certain services: water distribution and hospitals). Confinement is currently confirmed until April 4th, but may be extended for prevention. So far 5 cases have been detected (Nepalese from different countries that were in quarantine). Fingers crossed so covid19 stays under control.

In the Bhimphedi Children’s home they are confined and following the hygiene guidelines that are being spread throughout Nepal thanks to social networks, television and newspaper channels. You can see the video made by the children of the Balmandir to help raise awareness of the measures to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Be safe, stay at home!