Bhimphedi CH

Balman Market 6th Edition

On 28th September 2019, Bhimphedi children observed the 6th edition of Balman Market which was also a Dashain special edition. The activity was carried out by Kathmandu team with the support of one volunteer and Children’s Home’s staffs. The main goal of this event is for the children to understand the value of things and that most of the times we need to work really hard to get the things we want to have.

For this reason, during the four month prior to the event, children helps around to receive points that is further converted into “Balman Rupees” which is then used to shop in the Balman Market. With this objective, children get involved in different activities such as assisting in Kitchen work, Kitchen garden and general cleaning of the Children’s Home though which they can earn points.

Since this Balman Market was special edition for Dashain, children could find new clothes, games and toys, sport equipment, grooming products and some electronics in the market. The event functions like a real market and it helps the children to better understand the concept of money.
Yet, we will be back with another balman Market with new edition for summer.