The beginning of Awasuka Program

AWASUKA program began this way in 2015. This video was shot during the fall of 2015 between Nepal and Barcelona, by journalist Sara Barrera. Later on some additional images were added, shot by Juan Carlos Lausín in Barcelona.
For several reasons it has not been possible to publish it until this year, but despite the delay, we have considered it appropriate to do so, in order to document how the moments after the earthquake were experienced. Apart from the program’s participants, Amics del Nepal staffs and Bhimphedi villagers also appear in the report.

It should be clarified that the overall work of the program is not represented in this visual document. Most of the tasks were materialized much later after this shooting: the prototypes, the collaboration with Rotary Club Kantipur, the new houses, the drinking water trainings, the house retrofitting system, the retrofitted houses, the chimney construction and the enviromental activities, among others.
Subtitles in catalan in the video and in English in Youtube (must be activated).