Patan CH Volunteering

Sports Activity

On 24th of August a sports team from Madrid together with some staff from Amics del Nepal made a visit to Patan Children’s Home to conduct sports activities. There were around 15 children who participated in activities. In the beginning the children were collected inside the room in order to introduce the sports team and sports activities. After that the children were taken to the play ground which was inside the Children’s home. The sports activity started with a big round ball. All the children were surprised when they saw the big ball. In the beginning the children played passing the big round ball. After that the children were divided into two groups and were asked to take the ball to the end point of opponent team. During the activity the children learned to work on team, learned how to play without hurting others. In the next activity the children were given their choice of sports materials to play. Some played football and basketball, some played badminton and some continued with the big round ball. The sports team joined them and helped them with the games. Even the small children played with a small cricket ball. Overall the activity was ended well. All the children enjoyed the sports activities.

Hence conducting the sports event can help the children to build cooperation skills, boosts up their self confidence and keeps them active mentally and physically.