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Siphal Food Fest

On 31st August 2019, Youth from class XII participated in the Siphal Food Fest conducted at Siphal Children Protection Home where food was served to 75+ children including staff. This food fest was an achievement to our youth as this time we thought of going outside our comfort zone and preparing a dish completely new that is, Newari Khaja Set. Newari Khaja set is a typical Newari cuisine that contains 10+ dishes served in every Newari’s festivals and gatherings. It was a challenging task as it is a cultural cuisine and, we didn’t have anybody in our team coming from a Newari culture as well. But in the end, all our youth’s faced were filled with joy when we received compliments about the dish from both children and staff.

The main idea of doing the food fest is for our youth to develop various skills required in life and for the children to understand the importance of food. It is also our responsibility to add knowledge to the food that we serve.
We will surely come with yet another different menu next month.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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