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Siphal Food Fest

Once again on 20th July 2019, Amics youth from Social Hour class XII went to Siphal Children Protection Home to conduct food fest where the children were exposed to preparation of different dishes. Siphal CPH is one of the branches of Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO), Naxal working for the protection and development of children at risk in Nepal.

In the food fest, Amics youth prepared dumplings (locally known as momo) for 70+ people including children and staff of the center. Through the organization of such an event, it will definitely help our youth to get proper management and problem solving skills as preparing large amounts of food for lots of people is challenging as well. Besides this, one of our main intentions to do this activity in the children’s home is to provide some basic cooking skills to the children which will be very helpful in their lives. We will be organizing another food fest next month with yet another different menu.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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