Children Program Family Support KEBS

Family Support Parent Meeting

With the aim to engage parents and children in the child’s academic, personal and social development, Amics Activity Center conducts meetings of parents of all beneficiaries under the Family Support component of our Grant Support project on a quarterly basis. Through these meetings, parents and children both are made aware of the center’s activities conducted for the benefit and welfare of the children as well as updated on the children’s overall participation and growth.

Much emphasis was placed on the need for parents’ engagement in their children’s development, and on the importance of being in regular contact with the centre for immediate follow up. We also collected feedback from parents which we shall be working on in the following months.

In the meeting, we also signed an agreement with the parent and child which elicits the responsibilities and sponsorship conditions. We informed each parent and their children in separate groups about the agreement and the conditions that both parties needed to fulfil. These kinds of meetings are integral in building our ties with our Grant (Family) Support beneficiaries and moving our project ahead.