Biratnagar CH Children's Home

Biratnagar Event

Amics del Nepal has been supporting Purwanchal Bal Sewa Ashram (PAA), Biratnagar for the better livelihood of the children in the home. This year, Amics del Nepal received two youth from PAA to attend Amics’ After S.E.E. Course for 10 weeks in the Kathmandu Activity Center.

In this 10 week course, youth were exposed to various learning activities and from that, the two youth (Ayusha and Abhishek) from PAA led the workshop about “Segregation of Waste, pesticides, introduction of organic fertilizer and its preparation” for the children of PAA. Also, a fertilizer drum was provided as a gift to the children’s home to initiate compost making.

The main idea of this workshop was to be able to expand the knowledge that they received from the course and it was also a way to evaluate what they really learned from this 10 week long After S.E.E. Course.

Thanks to them, the workshop was really inspiring for the other children and everyone was engaged in the workshop. We will surely go to PAA with other workshops in coming days through which the children can experience different learnings.