Amor CH Children's Home Health Volunteering

Health workshops and check-ups in Mahendranagar

Amics del Nepal has been investing in the health project since the beginning with the main aim to deliver as much health benefits as possible to our collaborating children’s homes, schools and key beneficiaries. Each year, doctors and nurses from Barcelona visit Nepal to conduct health workshops and check-ups voluntarily for these beneficiaries. This year, we received quite a few volunteers (David, Georgina, Miquel and Rut) who made several health workshops among these groups. In mid-June, the two volunteers (Dr. Miquel and Rut) with some staff from Kathmandu visited Mahendranagar to conduct health workshops in Florida School and general health check-ups in Amor Children’s Home.
Health Workshop in Florida School
Health workshops were facilitated to the children of grade 3 and 7. Grade 3 was given Primary Hygiene Care workshop of one hour while grade 7 was facilitated with a CPR and Fire Drill workshop of one and a half hours. The workshops were made dynamic with questionnaires and practical methods in order to involve children in the workshop effectively and also to help them understand the concepts easily. These workshops were very interesting for the children of Florida School as some concepts like CPR and fire drill were very new to them The workshops were well received by the students and the school would like to welcome such kinds of workshops in the future as well.
Health Check-Up in Amor Children’s Home
Miquel and Rut made general health check-up (blood pressure, height/weight measurements, dental check, ear check and skin check-ups) to the children of Amor Children Home. We were pleased that the children had no serious illness. Also, the children who were recommended to visit hospitals last year by other volunteers are now completely fine.
The children are very happy to welcome the volunteers to make their checkups every year. Amor CH is somehow isolated from basic health facilities due to its rural location which makes the need for such health checkups very high. To make this happen, Amics del Nepal has been working consistently to raise funds for health projects and find volunteers every year. With the slogan ‘prevention is better than cure’, Amics del Nepal keeps trying to provide health support to the children, youth and women of Nepal. These health workshops also accompany sport activities and other awareness programs in Amics del Nepal project sites. For more information on Amics del Nepal’s crowdfunding efforts,