Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP EXCURSION 2019: “Lele Manakamana Temple”

Since 2017, Amics has been organizing yearly excursions to the women of the literacy project as a recreational activity. So far our women have visited four temples. As the Nepali calendar was about to end, we decided to close this program by going to Lele for a picnic.

Lele is a beautiful place situated in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. It is 22 kilometers away from Kathmandu valley. In Lele there is a temple named Manakamana. Many of us are not aware of its existence. The temple is surrounded by a huge forest which is famous for bird watching.
On a rainy morning of 6th April, 2019 all the women of the project including some volunteers and staff gathered in the Amics Activity Centre. The bus departed at 9:30 am from the centre, and after two hours of travel, the bus reached the temple. The women worshipped the god, received blessings and took some photos around the temple.

To finish the visit, the bus stopped at Bajrabarahi temple, which was inside Lalitpur district too. The temple of Bajrabarahi is one of the four famous temples of Barahi in Nepal. Besides this, the temple was surrounded by a green forest where a lot of people were having picnics. After visiting this temple, we shared the food prepared by the women and enjoyed together with dance and music. At the end of the day, certificates of appreciation were distributed among the women for being part of our literacy program. The excursion enabled the women in exploring new places and creating new experiences and memories.