Bhimphedi CH

Trip to Makwanpur Gadhi

On 6th April, the Bhimphedi BalMandir family visited Makwanpur Gadhi and had a great picnic sponsored by the local Women Finance Association on the occasion of the association’s Annual Day. The family travelled with the whole team of the association. The association intends to help or to provide some support to Bal Mandir’s children from their annual budget. Last year too, they had provided stationery materials to BalMandir.

Makwanpur Gadhi (Makwanpur fort) is a historical place which lies about 17 kilometers north of Hetauda. The Sen dynasty ruled over Makwanpur before the unification of Nepal. There are two castles in the fort, Mool Gadhi (main fort) and Sano Gadhi (small fort) having historical and cultural importance. The fort is surrounded by a 25 feet high and 7 feet wide wall. There is a 10 feet deep canal which was constructed in order to protect the people from their enemies.

During the visit, the Women Association served delicious food. They also sang songs, danced with the children and enjoyed a lot. It was a wonderful trip for everyone.