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International Women´s Day Celebration 2019

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8th of March every year. On this day we remember the inspiring roles of women around the world to secure women’s rights and build more equitable societies.
Every year we have been celebrating Women’s Day in our Activity Center at Amics. In the past years we celebrated with our Women Literacy Project beneficiaries. However, this year we organized a community program outside the activity center to let more people be aware that it was International Women’s Day and that it is celebrated all around the world.

Preparation for the Women’s Day program started a month ago where we prepared different banners, pamphlets, poems, songs and dance for the program. The slogan of 2019 Women´s Day was “Better the Balance, Better the World” #BalanceforBetter.

Before starting the program, the staff, volunteers and youth of AN conducted a rally around the streets of Boudha and Pashupati. Around 50 participants were involved in the rally from Amics’ projects. Once the rally ended, we conducted the three hour long program.

In the beginning we shared the history behind celebrating International Women’s Day. Then, students from dance class performed dance, youth presented speech, poems and songs as well as women from the literacy program sang a song.

During the program, the members of the activity center created some activity to introduce the meaning of purple as a symbol for women’s fight. Moreover, the youths had also made a big symbol of women where the public could write and paste their opinions regarding women and their rights. This was also accompanied by face painting activity. The program was interesting and successful. Organizing this kind of program can really bring community people closer to our work and organization.

Watch the “2019 International Women’s day” awareness video:


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