Health Volunteering


April 7th is celebrated World Health Day (WHO) and that is why we started with our Challenge #SalutperNepal (HealthforNepal) to improve in Prevention and Education for Health in Nepal.

Help us to make it a new success!

Prevention + Education = Better Health

Amics del Nepal attends more than 300 children and women throughout the Nepalese territory for more than 20 years.

We want to continue our Health Project initiated some years ago, where, a part of covering medical expenses and all the medicines needed, we also want to consolidate an important task initiated about Prevention and Education for Health.

In 2016, we collected € 3,957 that allowed us to make annual revisions to all the children and youth of our centres and students with educational scholarships, as well as visits to doctors specialized in quality hospitals when necessary: ​​ophthalmologists, dentists, dermatologists, cardiologists …


Public access to Health in Nepal is very precarious, low quality and is not free. In addition, in schools there are not enough specific Health programs.

Health Education is the base for good prevention and that is why regular workshops and monographs have been carried out in order to prevent the most common diseases and to extend the knowledge of children, young people, women and caregivers and educators are in charge of the children.
We want to continue working on this line but it will only be possible with your contribution.

If we achieve the new challenge of #SalutperNepal we can continue doing all this and much more:

  • Annual revisions to all the children of Amics del Nepal and visits to specialists, if necessary.
  • Regular visits to dentists and ophthalmologists.
  • Purchase and graduation of glasses when necessary.
  • Psychological or psychiatric care for post-traumatic stress.
  • Physiotherapeutic, orthopedic or podiatric approach.
  • Revision and update of medicine kits in the different centres.
  • Health Workshops for children and youth:
  • Buco-dental hygiene,
  • Hand washing: prevention of digestive diseases.
  • Prevention and treatment of lice.
  • Postural hygiene, prevention of musculo-skeletal diseases.
  • Promote sport and dance as a tool for Health.
  • Care of wounds and first aid.
  • Workshops and trainings for youth Project, caregivers and women:
  • First aid: cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and wound healing.
  • Massage and care for babies under 2 years of age.
  • Monographic of sexuality and reproduction.
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The check up’s and workshops will be carried out by Nepalese personnel as well as by the support of volunteer teams that will promptly complete Health camps and stays at the different centres.
  • With your support, you can do all this possible!

Each euro allows a child or a woman to have access to a healthier life to which everyone should be entitled!

Make it possible!