Bhimphedi CH Namuna Bari

Initial Namuna Bari Workshops in Balmandir

Amics Youth XI went to Bhimphedi Children’s Home from 1st to 3rd March to conduct Bhimphedi Event. The event was among the series of community events that the youths organize every month to gain exposure and advocate the works of AdN. In this particular event, the main goal was to introduce and familiarize AdN’s project Namuna Bari to the children and staff at Bhimphedi. This was done by providing knowledge on mushroom cultivation and involving them in different activities of Namuna Bari.

The event was followed by different games, activities and workshops wherein youth also performed a drama on compost. The three different workshops conducted by youth were vegetable naming and colouring (for younger children), kitchen garden naming, and 3 dimensional Balmandir Map (for older children) in Bhimphedi Children’s Home. Also, formal inauguration of auto-heating box was carried out by the centre’s chief of the children’s home explaining the importance of keeping the auto-heating box safe for mushroom production. The overall activities were conducted for three hours on 1st March and five hours on 2nd March by Amics Youth XI supported by the Youth Project coordinator from Kathmandu.

In short, the event was of great success, both to the Bhimphedi children who could interact with the new youth, and it was also an exposure for our youth to organize an event and learn more about AdN’s Namuna Bari project.

This project is possible thanks to the support of the cityhall of Sant Quirze del Vallès and Àteneu del Món.


The Namuna Bari project is made possible by the support of Ateneu del Món and the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès