In the sixth solidary Quinto for Nepal we made full!

Full of people, environment, families, friends, gifts … The center SCR El Ciervo of Sabadell was full at any hour in the sixth edition of the Quinto (a traditional game from some regions of Catalonia) that Amics del Nepal organized to raise funds for the children’s home of Bhimphedi.
It was December 22nd, the same afternoon as the Spanish National Christmas raffle, and like the lottery, that afternoon we distributed many lines (quintos in Sabadell), many fulls, and some gifts for special games. Thank everyone who came to play for a while and collaborate with us. To all the “parrots”, that for those who do not know, is the singer of the numbers. We had veteran parrots and also some rookie who was premiered that day. Volunteers of Amics del Nepal, where like the parrots, the most veteran taught the newcomers how to play the Quinto. You don’t know how to play either? You’ll have to come next year and we’ll tell you… 😀
Even our Nepalese people participated. Throughout the afternoon there were two special games, where this time, the parrots were our young people and women who participate in the programs that Amics del Nepal works there: The Youth Program and the Women Literacy Program.
Thus, together we enjoyed a different and fun evening where € 380 was raised for the Bhimphedi center. Thank you!