Awasuka December

Report Week 10 [29nov – 06dic 2018]


This week we have many things to tell you all!
In Suppin we were invited to the neighbous wedding of one of the work beneficiaries! It was an unforgettable experience to be able to participate in the feast, accompanied by dances and food for a million people!
There were 8 immense pots filled with typical Suppin food: rice, vegetables, chicken and potatoes. No one was hungry and the next day was distributed throughout the town what was left over.

Another of the experiences this week was that we stay one of the days in the house of one of the mistris to sleep, since it was very dark at night to go down to Bhimphedi. We made dinner and they loved it! At the time of going to sleep we got a big surprise, since the room we shared with the grandmother, and the family of Raju, one of the mistris, was next to the buffalos! We slept very little but we loved being able to share with them that evening / night together without working.

The works go very well. They are beginning to place the plaster on the horizontal and vertical stripes, and very satisfying visual results begin to appear!

Until next week!

Report Week 11 [06 – 13dic 2018]


We continue in Suppin with the house of Pradeep without rest!
This week we had the help of more mistris because it was necessary to go to cut wood to the forest.
It is a very laborious and hard work. Luckily our mistris are specialists and make do a spectacular job with some very basic tools.

They have finished the concrete render, and we are very happy with the results! The next thing will be to finish preparing the wood to make the cover and that they can live inside even if we continue with tasks before finishing the work.

Several days, while we are working, a very curious thing has happened. Sanumaya, the owner of the house we are rehabilitating gives the signal that an animal has eaten a local chicken and all the mistris run to the scene of the crime. They always told us that it was a cat that ate them, but today we have learned that it is a panther or a leopard, so it is so fast that they never catch it. In a month, five local chickens have already been eaten!

A great news is that Nirmala wants to start the works of her house and it seems that she finally has mistris to start with the temporary house!

See you next week!

Report Week 12 [13 – 20dic 2018]


We have started a second building retroffiting work! The social house of Nirmala Banjara. Finally we have found after a lot of research two mistris with a lot of desire, so they are doing a great job.
We are exchanging the houses between we both, since in Sanumaya the mistris also require a lot of attention; They are with the last important brushstrokes before putting the cover.

We already convinced the main mistris of the Sanumaya house to come down and help Nirmala’s mistris to explain them the steps to follow in the retroffiting process. It has been a great achievement, since they are great in their work and have advanced with the tasks that require more technical.
We are very happy with them.

The third house will begin in three days, as soon as they finish with Sanumaya Waiba’s. Today we have solved the doubts that came to us with this third house of Hirakumari Pudasainee. The main difference with the others is that it’s having a dividing wall and this complicate the work of Retroffiting. We have found the solution between the mistris and us, so we are very happy!

Also this week we decorated the Christmas tree with the neighbors and it has been beautiful, it was a night of intense work but with good reward!

Until next time!

Report Week 13 [20 – 27dic 2018]


This week the works of Supriya Devkota have started! We have a lot of work with four houses at the same time, but we are very happy because the mistris work on to be efficient way and perform the required tasks.

In addition, we have managed to make the mistris of Nirmala Banjara help the new ones of Supriya to understand the retrofitting procedure, and it has worked great, since they have also gone to see the works of the other houses that we have in different phases to understand it better.

We have also had the novelty this week of, during one day, having two mistris women in the work of Supriya Devkota, which causes us great joy and satisfaction. It was a very emotional moment to see that the team of workers worked perfectly together!

Next week Borum will surely start and we will have the five works underway, so a lot of work awaits us.

This week has also been Christmas, so we celebrated Christmas Eve, without a turkey but with lots of rice, rotis and a very special company from friends of Bhimphedi and Suppin.

See you soon!

Report Week 14 [27 – 03jan 2018]


Now we are all! We started this week with Borum’s house, so the five houses are underway!

It is true that we do not have a minute of rest, but it is very gratifying to see how our work begins to bear all its fruits, the work progresses faster and the workers understand everything we explain to them much more quickly. It also helps that our Nepali is somewhat more fluent and we have more vocabulary that we have been taught.

We organized an end-of-year party at the Guest House, and there came nothing more and nothing less than nine mistris of Suppin! It was all a success!
Surendra, the teachers and dydys of Balmandir, and of course our friends and neighbors of Bhymphedi also attended!
We had a great time. From the menu we had several appetizers, with cheese and canapés made with rotis; Omelet and different chopping dishes … and main course three different types of barbecued meat with potatoes! For dessert, a homemade peanut nougat!
Both they and we want to repeat when the works have finished.

Next week and next week we will go on vacation to do the Anapurnas trek, one of each per week.