Bhimphedi CH

Bhimsen Jatra, the yearly festival of Bhimphedi

Bhimsen Jatra is a local festival of Bhimphedi celebrated by Hindu people especially by the Newari community, it falls in the month of Bhadra (August/September). Lord Bhimsen is known as the God of success in commerce and industry.

Devotees worship Lord Bhimsen with the blood of animals like chickens, goats among others by sacrificing them in the morning in the temple. People believe that this act of devotion helps them to have success in business throughout the year.

Local people organize a huge cultural program: singers, dancers, actors and actresses come to show their skills to entertain the crowd. There are different kind of games like bingo, race, bull’s eye… People from other villages and cities also come to be part of this festival.

At night Devotees carry the deity on a chariot on their soldier poles around Bhimphedi Bazaar with fanfares. A traditional Newari music band leads the chariot playing devotional tunes. All the people follow the chariot saying “liyo liyo ha ha, payo payo ha ha”.

Some children from Balmandir also performed in the cultural program. Ram Raj, Kamal, Sarita, Purnima, Anuj and Samir showed their dance skills in Bhimsen Jatra. Overall everybody enjoyed the festival with great fun and happiness.