15€ for each Christmas lottery ticket!

We may get the first price next year, we will light more candles for it! But this year is not bad neither! We played with the number 46615 with stakes of € 3 (plus a donation euro) and thanks to the fact that the last two numbers coincided with the second prize, we get € 5 for each euro played!

So, those who bought the lottery of Amics del Nepal, can get 15 euros for each ticket! Congratulations!

This year Amics del Nepal has sold a total of 457 decimals, so we will distribute a piece of joy to a many houses! We are very pleased to be able to thank you in this way for your collaboration with the Amics del Nepal projects and to create opportunities for disadvantaged groups in Nepal. Thanks, thanks and thanks!

Next week we will publish how you can collect the lottery prize!

Happy holidays!