The solidarity dinner of Benicarló never fails

Once again, on Saturday 20th October we had a Nepali dinner-workshop in the headquarters of the Setrill Club of Benicarló to make a fundraising for the Bhimphedi Children’s Home in Nepal.
At first we offered 45 places for the dinner, but they were all booked in less than 12 hours. So, we were forced to expand the number of seats to 60.
Dani, now president of Amics del Nepal and former coordinator of Bhimphedi Children’s Home, came to the dinner with his wife Manisha and his parents Andrea and Jordi.
Raül came early to prepare the place for the event. The workshop of Nepali food began from 6pm. A dozen of volunteers prepared the peanut salad (badam sandheko), vegetable fritters (pokoda) and momos.
About 9pm we already had all the food ready. But before eating we celebrated Dashain (when the goddess Durga overcomes the Mahisaasur demon). We played the tika ceremony wishing everyone a good year and sort of luck to all attendees.
All humans are the same: here we also have San Antonio that overcomes the demon. Here we give the cake and there they put the tika and they give you a bunch of barley buds and coins. But everything is the same, the triumph of good over evil.
After the ceremony we had dinner.
After the desserts (laalmohan), we had prepared at home, Dani addressed a few words explaining his trajectory in Amics del Nepal and how this experience in Nepal changed his life.
We showed three videos created by the eldest kids of the Children’s Home: “Do not hate beggar person”, “2022 world cup player” and “Viral bhaidiyo by Balmandir guys”, all of them are on YouTube as well.
We want to thank all the participants in the workshop, all the attendees and the Setrill Club (for lending us their premises and facilities).
Thank you for your generosity when scratching your pocket. From the dinner, store sales and lottery profits we collected altogether over 1000€.
Thank you very much to everyone that makes possible a better life to the thirty children living in Bhimphedi Children’s Home.
Rosa, Lourdes, José, Raül and Tonyo.