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Teej is the fasting festival of women in Nepal, the festival is celebrated by Hindu women throughout the country. The married women visit their parents’ home and celebrate it with their mothers, sisters, and friends. Married women take a full day of fasting even without drinking for their husband wellness and long life. Single women and girls will also not take any food or liquid on Teej and worship with the belief to get a good husband. In this festival, women dress in red sari with some ornaments. The Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu is highly visited by Hindu women form all around the country during this festival where they worship the temples and perform Teej dance.

On the 6th September we celebrated a Teej program in Amics Activity Center with our women. On that day women made some delicious food called “Dar”. Dar is a special food eaten one day before Teej. Our women were fully dressed in beautiful red Saris. They also sang and danced Teej songs. Teej falls on the 12th of September this year however, they started celebrating it a couple of weeks before. It is considered one of the most important festivals for women in Nepal.