Bhimphedi CH Children's Home Social Hours (SH) Youth Program

Bhimphedi Balman Market (4th edition)

Once again our YOUTH visited Bhimphedi Children’s Home to organize a monthly event. This time the famous “BALMAN MARKET” organized 4 times a year. The goal of this activity is that children get to understand that not everything comes for free and most of the time we need to work hard to get what we would like to have. So during 3 months children are helping in the children’s home to get points that will be exchanged into “Balman rupees”. In the key of a game, children get involved in the cooking, the general cleaning of the center, the kitchen garden and even organize by themselves different activities to get extra points.
The moment arrives every four month and children find in the market clothes, games and toys, sports equipment and sometimes some electronics. Of course, it is not a real market but it is a way to keep their expectations high and at the same time to chase laziness away in the daily life.