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Children’s Day Celebration

All the sponsored children of Amics del Nepal including the community children met up at Amics del Nepal Activity Center on Friday, 15th September to celebrate Children’s Day. The elder children took the responsibilities to organise the event under the supervision of all our staff.
The program was opened with Speech talking about Children’s rights and after music and dance were performed by the children from the Dance class. There was also sport activities such as race, treasure hunt, Ping Pong competition among others. We prepared special food for all the guests who were happy and satisfied with all the event organisation.
Whole center was transformed into different Room Activities so children could go from one another enjoying all what was prepared for them. We had around 70 children in the event and it was a great success.
The children enjoyed the event, got to know each other and the most important thing: they celebrated Children’s Day in a very special way quite different from what they used to do in the previous years.
Amics’ goal through its activity Centre and the organisation of this kind of events is to enhance community cooperation and life to boost different civic initiatives and support the social and cultural development.